Guide for Conversion
Can I turn my monitor into a touch screen?
The short answer is "possibly", as not all monitors can be converted into a touch screen.

Below are two guides that may help you.

The first guide for monitors from 6.4" to 32", the second guide for monitors from 32" to 103".
For monitors from 6.4" up to 32" we can supply a 3M MicroTouch kit that comprises a capacitive touch screen sensor, USB controller, cable and mounting tape.

However, because the monitor has to be dismantled and the touch components installed, this is a procedure recommend only for experienced integrators.
The installation procedure looks like this:

3M Integration Diagram
Unfortunately, most desktop monitors can not be converted into a touch screen because there is not enough space behind the front bezel to fit the touch sensor and no room to install the touch screen controller behind the LCD chassis. The only reliable way to find out if a monitor is compatible is to purchase a 3M touch screen sensor kit from us and try a test integration.

3M have a useful sensor guide on their website to help you find the correct sensor to fit your monitor. Please refer here >>

For integrators who wish to convert existing monitors into touch screens, Touch Screen Middle East supply a full range of 3M Microtouch touch screen sensors from 6.4" to 32", in addition to USB and serial controllers, cables and sensor mounting tape.

For a full integration guide including installation instructions and a sensor part number list, please refer to Touch Screen Componets.
For those customers who have a large-format LCD or plasma monitor and wish to convert it into a touch screen, we can supply a simple frame from PQ Labs that can be fitted in minutes and will convert most professional monitors from 32" up to 98" into a multi-touch touch screen monitor.

Installation is very easy:

The frame is fitted over the monitor, secured by straps and a USB cable plugged into the PC. Full details on the PQ Labs G3 Series touch frame installation procedure, plus a guide to help you select the correct frame for your monitor, can be found in the section Overlay Touch Screens.

PQ Labs G3 Overlay Installation Video