Specialists Touch Screens
Turn any glass surface into an interactive touch surface
It works under sunlight, and captures customer´s action accurately and responsively. Water resistance allows it to work stable on a rainy day. Allowing perfect performance in wet conditions. With reliable, industry grade components, Glass Touch can provide 24/7 service and decrease maintenance costs. No outdoor cables & power, just unbox, plug in, and it´s ready to start working for you.

Max Touch Area For a Single Set

Width: 10ft
Height: 13ft


Add value for existing storefront TVs with no hassle


Easy to install
No outdoor cabling, wall drilling work
Upgrade existing storefront TV with no hassle
Fits any type & any size of display
Super display Adaptivity, any size of display at anywhere within touchable area
Actively attract pedestrians attention
Advanced traffic analytics
Low cost for large format display systems